Cathedral Veil – Lace Veil

This cathedral veil is a lace veil in the traditional shape – style.  Our designer veils are made to order and this bride wanted a lace veil that was not a mantilla.  Lace veils in the traditional shape – style have become a popular request.  This cathedral veil is diamond white bridal illusion 120 inches long, 1 tier in the traditional shape, full width with lace edge our L1568.  This wedding veil attaches with a 4 inch clear plastic hidden permanent comb.

Cathedral Veil made to order
Lace veil that is a traditional cathedral veil. Our cathedral veils are made to order designer veils, this bride requested lace.
Lace Veil
Cathedral veil 120 inches long. Lace veil 1 tier traditional veil, full width.


Cathedral Veils
Lace veils are usually mantilla veils, but they look great in traditional styles too. Cathedral veils work well with lace.
Designer Veil
Cathedarl wedding veils have many possibilities. This designer veil was made in diamond white with a lace edge.