Oval Shape Cathedral Veil a Blusher Veil


This is our oval shape cathedral veil, a blusher veil. Our oval shaped veils are 2 tier veils that are formed by folding them to from the 2 tiers. Unlike our traditional shape veils the oval veils are only gathered across the center of the fold leaving around 18 inches on each side not gathered. This results in less folds and puffiness. Notice the blusher is quite transparent yet this veil is at full width of 108 inches. The oval shape allows a full width 2 tier veil to have less bulk at the comb. This veil has a cut edge and the cathedral length is 120 inches and the blusher is 30 inches.

cathedral veil training down aisle
This cathedral veil is long enough to train out down the aisle over the dress. It stays spread out allowing the wedding dress to clearly show through.
2 tier veil as blusher veil
Notice how transparent this blusher is. Our oval shape 2 tier veil has less folds and puffiness because it’s not gathered all the way across.


Long veil a cathedral veil
A cathedral veil can be up to 120 inches long. Long veils are fun! Full width cathedral veils can flow and spread out.
Full veil a 2 tier veil
This 2 tier veil is at full width of 108 inches giving it lots of body. 2 tiers add to the fullness when the blusher is worn back. The cut edge blends in with the dress.


cathedral veils train
Here the cathedral veil is worn with the blusher back. The 2 tier veil in our oval shape lays smooth even at full width.


Bridal Mantilla with pencil edge


This mantilla veil has just a simple thin pencil edge that allows the gown to remain in full view.  This is a waltz length veil because it falls just about knee length.  It is a flat un-gathered circle with a 48 inch diameter.  The mantilla veil attaches to her hair with a comb. Bridal mantillas are also know as drop veils.

Waltz length veil in mantilla style

Bridal mantilla with pencil edge